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There are many people who believe that a lunar calendar is very useful and accurate. Such a calendar is based on various cycles that can be seen when watching the moon, but even though a lot of research has been made, there are still many things unknown about it. This type of calendar has only 354 days, this meaning two weeks less than the solar calendar that we use today. The first day of this calendar changes from year to year and many people are convinced that it has a huge influence on our life and dreams. This calendar is available on the Internet  for many countries, so people all around the world have access to it. Nonetheless, it seems that the moon has a huge impact on our daily activities and mood. To see if things are this way indeed, a good idea is to keep records  of the types of activity that take place in your life  throughout this period and see what happens.

You may also find several high and low points in a certain lunar month, meaning that there is a consistent ebb and flow in your life. Plus, you have the opportunity to determine your lunar rhythm, which can offer you an incredible insight in planning your schedule, so you will know what to do during low points to avoid problems. Your best times should also be noted, so this way, you won’t forget them and will have the opportunity to make the best of them, which is very helpful and you will be very successful.

You can study a lunar calendar of this year and try to make the most of your positive influences. In addition, you can also keep a journal to see the effects in your personal and professional life. A lunar calendar will help you when you have to decide, but you are very confused and are not sure what is the best thing for you. This type of calendar can also be used for a lot of other things, such as understanding your emotions and behaviour. Suddenly, a lot of things will be clear and you will have the amazing chance to know yourself better. Click a few times and you will discover a lot of interesting things about you and about the Universe.

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Lunar Calendar Latest Event

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In the latest events connected to the lunar calendar, many people got to see amazing beauty in the night sky. From the beginning of the month of May this year, the moon has shown a stronger range of approach to the surface of the Earth, while it was preparing to enter in its full phase. The complete stages of the full moon, as seen on the lunar calendar, have been visible from Friday, May 4th, until Monday, May 7th. This period was filled with people checking the online lunar calendar and weather websites in order to establish the best places for going out to admire the splendid moon. In addition to these aspects, it was said that the visibility of the moon will be increased by the fact that it is positioned a lot closer to the surface of the Earth. For many people watching the evolutions of the lunar calendar, this was the perfect opportunity for them to admire a night sky show. The evolutions presented on the lunar calendar have also shown that the full moon period is longer and more intense than usual.

As opposed to the researches and to the scientific opinions expressed by the specialists in connection to the lunar calendar and to the phase of the moon at the given moment, other people chose to focus on the opportunity presented through the lunar calendar. Therefore, the most romantic men, for example, have followed the lunar calendar in order to find this perfect phase of the moon around which to create a perfect night for the women they love. Many outdoor areas with great visibility were filled by couples looking to have very romantic moments under the clear night sky and in the strong light of the full moon. Therefore, the lunar calendar has proved to be very successful for a variety of reasons and for highly different types of individuals looking for their very own interest in the matter. The new full phase of the moon and other moments in which you can use your romantic side can be uncovered with the help of the lunar calendar online.

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Main Features of the Lunar Calendar

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There are many types of calendars, according to different cultures of the world. One of the most ancient calendars is the lunar calendar, that has been taken in by the Muslims. A feature of the Muslim lunar calendar is that a year has always got 12 months. Nevertheless, the months are not linked with the seasons and the drift each solar year by 11 to 12 days.

The Muslim lunar calendar comes back to the position it had in relation to the solar year approximately every 33 Islamic years. In general, lunar calendars differ as to which day is the first day of the lunar month. Even the Chinese have a lunar calendar. An interesting aspect of the Chinese lunar calendar is that the first day of a month is the day when an astronomical new moon occurs in a particular time zone. For the Hindu lunar calendar, each month begins on the day after the full or the new moon. For the Jewish people, the lunar calendar is based on the first sighting of a lunar crescent. In many parts of the world, such as China, Japan, Vietnam and India, the lunar calendar serves to determine their traditional holidays, such as the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The lunar calendar used by so many civilisations have a variable number of months in a year. The reason for this variation is that a year is not evenly divisible by an exact number of lunations. The seasons would drift each year, without the intercalary months. As a consequence, every two or three years, this process results in a thirteen-month year.

The length of a month orbit/cycle is difficult to predict and varies from its average value. People who make observations regarding the lunar calendar are sometimes subject to uncertainty and weather conditions. The astronomical methods are highly complex and astronomers have tried to create fixed arithmetical rules.Some of the lunar calendars are made according to natural events affected by the lunar and the solar cycles.

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Things To Know About The Lunar Calendar

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The first lunar calendar dates back to the time of the Babylonia civilization. These were the first people who actually used and created the lunar calendar. Of course, the first lunar calendar was different from the one that we know today. It was established depending on the phases of the moon, while an extra month was added to the calendar at every four years to make up for the difference determined by the solar system’s rotation and to establish the year’s seasons. 

Egyptians, Greeks, but also Semitic people used the lunar calendar. They found inspiration to create their own lunar calendars from the one designed by the Sumerians. However, the first people to create a full calendar that was organized in 365 days were the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptian calendar was not created easily, but long term studies on the stars have helped Egyptian astrologist determine the year’s duration and the seasons, according to the solar system. Then, the Egyptian lunar calendar was created and organized in 12 months and 354 days, which included three seasons. 

Egyptians studied for years the solar system and they based their lunar calendar on the cycle of the moon. Then, they found that the solar year lasts 365 days. This is part of the history of the first lunar calendar, but throughout the years numerous beliefs have been linked to the lunar calendar. For instance, it was considered that the lunar calendar can influence people’s mood, actually having a very high influence on all individuals. The phases of the moon can have effects on mood and habits, but not only. Your whole body can feel these differences and changes. Since the lunar calendar is created depending on the phases of the moon, there is no wonder that people believe it can influence our lives. Some people actually lead their lives depending on these beliefs and traditions linked to the influences of the lunar calendar. No matter if they take into consideration the phases of the moon when they think about making changes in their lives or they actually consider it when setting important events, the lunar calendar has always been an influential factor in the lives of many.

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The Lunar Calendar Can Influence Your Moods And Your Body

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Believe it or not, your moods do not depend only on you. Outside influences are numerous and among them, the cycles of the moon. The lunar calendar is different of the classic calendar and has cycles representing the phases of the moon. So, the lunar calendar can have a great influence on your moods and on the functions of your body, too. The seemingly deviant behavior is somehow related to the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar has a strong connection with the light level. As all people are influenced by this, it totally makes sense. When there is not enough light, people tend to fall into depression and anguish. Opposed to this, a great light enlightens, literally, the mood of everyone. So, the influences of the lunar calendar are real and not old wives tale as many tend to categorize this or consider them coincidences.

The lunar calendar is also apparently in a strong connection with fertility. The menstrual cycle has a 28 days period, on average. This is why lunar rhythm has such a high influence on women. Also involving blood loss, many patients follow the unwritten rules of the lunar calendar and refuse to get surgery when is a full moon. Apparently, the risk of blood loss, followed by the death of the patient, is higher in this period of the lunar calendar. Scientists have yet to prove if this is true. Until now, doctors have not been influenced by the lunar calendar, as most surgeons have to operate daily.

Although the lunar calendar is important for many people, there is also a large part who does not take any of these into consideration. Of course, everyone is free to believe in whatever he or she wants. If you have noticed changes in your mood or body, you should pay attention on the period in which these happen, as this way, you will now how to handle it. Even if, apparently, you cannot be influenced of the phases of the moon, the connection of this event with the dimming of light could have an important effect on you. After all, you know your body best.

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Lunar Calendar Symbols

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The lunar calendar is the one created according to the fazes of the moon. This means that in addition to normal dates in the month, the moon has certain influences and meanings depending on the stages in which it appears. The lunar calendar establishes the dates in which the moon changes in visible form. This is important in many cultures and fields, as the fazes of the moon may influence certain life episodes, bring good luck or show that a certain event is about to happen. The most frequently used lunar calendar is the Islamic calendar, that is the one by which Saudi Arabian people function. Other Asian nations also rely on the lunar calendar to establish new fazes and beginnings for various seasons, for example of crops and harvest.

The lunar calendar of 2012 started off with a half-moon faze. This is said to symbolize a good start, as it is the perfect time for a cross-over. Each of the months in the 2012 lunar calendar cover between three to five moon changes. The end of the year will come in a full moon period.

There are many popular beliefs and symbols associated with the lunar calendar and the fazes of the moon. Some nations swear by these traditions and coordinate their lives around them. Several examples that come to mind of the usage of moon fazes are when to make a change in your life, when to get married in order to have a great future and so on. It is said that you can even consult the lunar calendar to determine which is the right period for you to conceive, if you want to have a boy or a girl. All these significations originated from populations that have made a mark on the development of the human kind. They are respected entirely and sworn by in traditional communities, where the belief in values of the old age have not been lost. 

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Lunar Calendar Influences

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The lunar calendar it is very controversial and it has different meanings depending on culture and religion. In Islam, a lunar calendar has different meanings which are related to religion, while in China, people believe the lunar calendar will influence or predict the sex of the baby. The lunar calendar it is based on the moon’s cycles and during each cycle, different and many things happen. It is said that if we cut the hair when it is new moon, it will grow stronger and faster or that we cannot sleep when it is full moon, so there are many beliefs and opinions.

The lunar calendar it is also important for astrology or for harvesting, so there are numerous things about it. Depending on the moon cycles, our behavior or thinking are both affected, so we should pay attention and cancel or postpone certain activities during these days. Astronomy uses the lunar calendar in a logical way, but we always are attracted by mysteries, so we are curious about how the lunar calendar can influence us or what legends are about it. Generally, there are two major points of view, a mystical one and a rational one. It depends on our culture and education which one we think it is true.

The moon has always represented mystery, so we are used with strange or impossible to explain things about it. The lunar calendar it is a debated subject and its mystery still has not been solved. This calendar it is very important for Islam people, so it is something they must have in their home. We have to admit that we still do not know too much about the moon and there are many theories, but many of them are not demonstrated, so there will still be a lot of mystery. Another fascinating thing about it is the women have the same period cycle with the moon cycles and they can use it as a clue for conception or as an anti-conceptional method. There were many books and articles published on this subject, but many people reject them, saying that a big part of them are a pure lie.

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Lunar Calendar and Fishing

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Since the beginning of time, people have understood the fact that the Moon has an impact over our lives and that it can influence the way we sleep, act or think. So people have formed a lunar calendar, which provides us with useful information regarding the Moon phases for every time and date of the year. The exact dates in a lunar calendar can differ depending on the place where you live, but usually a lunar calendar is made for every region. The ones who take the most advantage of the lunar calendar are the fishermen.

For a while now it has been said that the lunar calendar and fishing are connected. While many people thought that this was only a silly tradition, studies have shown that fishing and the lunar calendar are actually linked. There is no complicated explanation about this fact. The influence that the lunar calendar has over fishing relies on knowing where the sun and the moon rise and set, on a 24 hour basis. It is as simple as that. Knowing when the moon comes up and comes down gives you a 90 minute period, surrounding these daily influences, when you can do some serious fishing. It has been discovered that fish are more active during this windows, so your fishing will definitely be successful. The lunar calendar provides you with every information that you need, so you will know for sure when to take advantage of the fishing success that the sun and the moon enhance.

Moreover, some fisherman say that they usually catch big fish during the peak moon, new moon and full moon phases, which are also indicated by the lunar calendar. If you are thus interested in fishing and you want to make the most out of it, you should not hesitate in purchasing a lunar calendar. The even greater thing is that if you go online, you might be able to find a free lunar calendar. All that you need to do is to enter your location and due to the lunar calendar you will find out detailed information about the current position of the Moon and the next phases in the lunar cycle.

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Lunar Calendar – To Believe It Or Not

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The moon has always been perceived as a mystery source and the guardian of the earth. Ancient civilizations orientated with the help of the moon to know when is the best time for agricultural activities, for farming and also teh moon has important symbols. Lunar calendar was of great importance for the civilizations that had not the technology that we have today and even in today China this is present, there are people who still believe in the lunar calendar.

The Chinese lunar calendar has an interesting use, that of predicting the sex of the future baby and although many years have passed since this was used for this purpose, there are people who believe in it. The lunar calendar is also used for conception as the period of many women is the same with that of the moon, so it functions as a good orientation.

The opinions about the lunar calendar are very different and each of us can believe in what we want. The lunar calendar is useful for the astronomers as they can study how we act and also the other beings are acting, how the moon influences us depending on its phases. Another type of lunar calendar is the Islamic calendar that is important for religious facts and, as we can see, in several cultures, the lunar calendar has different meanings and can be interpreted in several ways. In fact, the lunar calendar is an adaption to the values and beliefs of each civilization. More, depends on us if we believe or not, if take or not into consideration these facts that are said about the lunar calendar. Plus, the way is perceived depends on the people that study them: if they are superstitious, if they are religious or they are science specialists, so the perspective is different. The stages that the moon has, are a symbol for different things in several cultures and it is believed that they affect us in several ways. However, it is clear that there are still many things that the humanity does not know about the moon and in the future perhaps we will find out more than we know now and for sure will be interesting things.

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Lunar Calendar Importance

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Having a lunar calendar in your home can be extremely important. And learning everything about it can be a perfect way to better understand the way some things work. Currently, there is more than one lunar calendar known in the world, and one of them of course is the Chinese lunar calender. The Chinese lunar calendar actually is a very popular one. Different types of lunar calendars are surely going to have a different origin and as its name already indicates, the lunar calendar is based on the cycles, rotation and phases of the moon. The moon goes through differet phases during months and years.

Nowadays, the most common used lunar calendar is the Islamic one. The Islamic calendar has 355 days and 12 months. This calendar is used all over the world and actually Chinese people are also using it nowadays, although they used to have their own Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese lunar calendar was being used to plan all kind of traditional Chinese celebrations in the country. And using it was actually vital for some areas of traditional work in the country. Nowadays, the Chinese lunar calendar is known to also have other uses and people actually purchase it to find out some aspects linked to their personal lives. This means that a use of the Chinese lunar calendar is linked to finding out the sex of a baby. And Chinese people still use the lunar calendar with such a purpose. Well, the baby gender Chinese lunar calendar has actually become quite popular today.

Having a lunar calendar in your home will surely be very important, with numerous purposes. For example, with your lunar calendar you will be able to have properly established all the celebrations that take place during a year and you will never miss one. There are many other advantages that people experience when using a lunar calendar and as already mentioned, the lunar calender can be used by women for contraception or conceiving purposes. Still, people can also learn more about moon rotation and cycles to understand changes that are to take place. Different books that can be found in sale can be used with such a purpose.

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