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The origin of the lunar calendar is based on the various cycles that can be seen while watching the moon. These cycles are an effective way to follow the lunar calendar and can be traced to its origin. Learning about the lunar calendar can be an effective way to tie the history of it together.

There are many people that are interested in the lunar calendar, the types of calendars which are based on it and the origin of the system. Much research has been completed into the origin of the calendar and we have been able to trace the origin to the cycles and phases that occur within the moon, hence the name, lunar calendar.

The calendar that our current calendars are based on is the solar calendar. There is one main difference between the two. In the solar year there are 365 days, while in the lunar year there are nearly two weeks less, with 354 days.

There are certain instances in which the lunar calendar is still put into place. This is usually done through various religions, such as Islam, where the lunar calendar is used to keep track of events within the religion as well as events within the community. As these events are often based upon the lunar calendar but exist within the solar calendar, the dates may change from year to year, with the date each year becoming earlier and earlier until a full cycle has been created.

As the dates change from year to year, this means that the first day of the lunar year also changes from year to year. Although the average month within the lunar calendar has been stated to be about 29.5 days, there are times when the lunar calendar reaches a similar time to the solar calendar, approximately every twenty-three years.

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The Lunar Effect

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The lunar effect is the belief that human behavior correlates with the phases and the position of the moon. Some consider that the moon can cause deviant behavior, by affecting the water in the body. Scientifically, there are no proofs that this effect really exists. However, numerous people seem to believe in it.


The belief in the lunar effect is not new at all, having a long history. It actually dates back to the Babylonian times. The term lunatic has Latin origins.

In the 1880′s the first documented case of someone claiming to have been affected by the full moon was registered. Charles Hyde of England was actually able to avoid murder charges by claiming that the lunar effect made him go crazy.


Here are some quick facts about the lunar effect:

  • This theory claims that there is a correlation between specific stages of the Earth’s lunar cycle and deviant behavior that cannot be explained otherwise.
  • The moon is believed to influence fertility, as well.
  • It is claimed that surgeons refuse to operate when there is full moon, as there is an increased risk of loosing the patient. Blood clotting is considered to be ineffective during full moon. 
  • During the lunar cycle a rise in crime all around the world is recorded.
  • The theory is based on the influence that the moon has on water. As the human body is formed of about 75 percent water, behavior can be influenced, as well.



Despite the general belief in the lunar effect, studies have failed to prove the existence of a relationship between the phases of the moon and abnormal behavior. Studies showed no correlation between crime and full moon. There was no correlation with suicide, health issues or accidents, either.

Reliable studies on violence, births, heart attacks, deaths or epileptic seizures, among other things, have shown very little to no connection between the phases of the moon and deviant human behavior. This is why the lunar effect is considered to be a simple myth.


Even though most studies show that there is no link between the moon and abnormal behavior, there are researches which have proved the opposite, as well. 

An article published by the Independent back in 2007 analyzed the results of a research made at the Polish Academy of Sciences. The study showed that birth rates varied depending on the lunar cycle. Murders and assaults increased, while car accident rates actually tripped during full moon. Gout and asthma attacks increased, as well. The study showed that the moon’s gravity can affect the human immune system and hormones, too. At least according to this study, the moon has a great influence on humans.


The moon has always had a mystical place in history. There are numerous myths associated to the moon, including the transforming of werewolves. It is said that during full moon many crazy things happen. Various cultures have stories on how the moon affected human behavior, making them act crazy. Yet, there are no solid statistics to show that this influence really exists, so the lunar effect is still considered to be just a myth.

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Interesting Facts About The Moon

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We all know something about the Moon, right? We see it, we know its purpose, we take more notice of it when it is full or has an unusual color… but what else is there? How much do you actually know about the moon? In the video bellow, you have a series of information gathered to create a background of knowledge for you about the very interesting Moon.

Top 10 Facts about the Moon

  1. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the Moon in 1969.
  2. The Moon is the fifth largest natural satellite in our solar system.
  3. It influences the tides in the oceans of the Earth.
  4. The old Lunar Calendar is still used in some of the countries of the world and it follows the phases of the Moon.
  5. Lunar eclipses are the moments in which the Moon positions itself in between the Earth and the Sun.
  6. According to recent studies, the Moon is moving away from Earth with around 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters) each year.
  7. The Moon is 50 times smaller than the Earth.
  8. The surface of the Moon has a very hot temperature, due to the fact that it has no atmosphere.
  9. The Moon circles the Earth in 27.3 days.
  10. The Moon is 1.28 Light Years away from the Earth.


Fun Moon Facts

  1. Eugene Shoemaker, a Geological Surveyor for the Apollo mission wanted to see the Moon as well, but he was rejected as an astronaut. After his death, his ashes were transported to the Moon during a mission.
  2. In 1988, a survey showed that 13% of people believed that the Moon was made out cheese.
  3. An astronaut suit weights 180 pounds on Earth, but on the Moon it is only of 30 pounds, because of the lower gravity there.
  4. The dark shadows of the Moon are called “the toad of the Moon” in China.
  5. The Apollo missions brought back 382 kg of Moon rocks.
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What You Do Not Know About The Chinese Lunar Calendar

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A lunar calendar is based on cycles of the lunar phase and one of the most famous calendar of this type is the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This calendar has established a solar year with 365 fays by 1400 BC. Plus, it has been devised in 2357 BC by a legendary emperor, but there’s nothing sure about it.

Later, the calendar was revised and extra months were added every 19 years. The first year of this type of calendar is the first year of the reign of China’s first legendary Emperor in 2,698 B.C. There are many legends about the famous emperor, but no exact evidence.


Until the fall of the Last Emperor and the founding of the Republic China that took place in 1911, this country used a very complicated calendar that was combining the system of the reign years of emperors with the lunar calendar.

In the Chinese 60-year cyclical calendar, dynasties were associated with Taoism and for many centuries, debates over dynastic legitimacy were translated into the language of the five elements, while unclear things were explained with including quasi “leap years”.


Even after China adopted the solar year in 1911, it still used dates that were beginning with the founding of Republic. Moreover, the government switched over to the “New Style” Gregorian calendar in 1949, after the Communist takeover.

Awkward Things In China Related To The Lunar Calendar

  • Age is determined from the moment of conception and not from the moment when birth takes place
  • The 3rd and the 17th days of the months are unlucky
  • There are a few Chinese women that gave birth to their child prematurely just to ensure that the baby has a lucky birthday
  • The year of Dragon is considered perfect to have children
  • Many people believe indeed in horoscopes and they don’t read them just for fun
  • Couples get married on lucky fays foretold by fortunetellers



If you are fascinated by the moon and by this type of calendar, there are many online versions of it. A lunar calendar will help you find out which are the lucky and unlucky days and what to avoid. Even if you have only basic astrological knowledge, you will discover a lot of interesting things.

Learn more on the Chinese Lunar Calendar:

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Chinese Lunar Calendar

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Many people believe that the lunar calendar is something exclusive to the Chinese culture. Many of the Asian cultures have been making use of the lunar calendar for centuries. The Chinese lunar calendar is however taken as a major aspect of their culture and it is something that is still in practice today. Actually, the Chinese lunar calendar draws upon certain elements from the solar calendar as well. This type of calendar that combines both lunar and solar elements is called a lunisolar calendar.


The Chinese make use of this calendar to calculate an auspicious date for holding special events such as marriage ceremonies or starting up a new business. The Chinese rely very much on this type of calendar for basically any type of activity. The lunar calendar is also the measure for the different phases of the moon as the new month always begins with new moon.

Main Features of the Chinese Lunar Calendar

  • The Chinese calendar is divided into 12 lunar months of 29 or 30 days, just like the Gregorian one. The full moon ideally falls on the 15th day of the month, but more often than not, it doesn’t. In order for the seasons not to get out of wack, an extra month is added every three years.
  • The Chinese years are organised into 60 year calendar cycles. That means five times the 12 year Chinese zodiac cycle. The current 60 year cycle extends from 1996 to 2055.
  • The traditional Chinese zodiac merges with the animal zodiac, together with the five elements: water, fire, metal, earth and wood. Therefore, you can have the year of the metal rooster that runs on a 6 year cycle.

Origins of the Chinese Lunar Calendar

  • In 1400 BC, the Chinese had established a solar year with 365 days. In order to keep the sun and moon in synchronisation, they inserted two months every five years. Aside from the ancient Chinese, other people who used the 365 lunar calendar were the Hindus, Egyptians and the Babylonians. 
  • The first year marked in the Chinese calendar coincided with the reign of the first Chinese emperor, in 2.698 BC. That was the starting point for the Chinese Calendar. From that day on, they started counted the years. Now, in 2012, the Chinese people are actually in 4710.
  • In order to make this system more accessible for people, the Chinese thought about introducing animals. The use of animals and elements developed into telling fortunes, analysing personalities, and accessing compatibility between people.

Bizarre Superstitions Related to the Chinese Calendar


  • Some Chinese women give birth prematurely by a Caesarean operation to ensure their children have lucky birthdays. 
  • The year of the Dragon is considered one of the best ones to have children. The year 2000 knew a huge baby boom.
  • Couples try to get married on auspicious days foretold by fortune-tellers. Depending on the day, month, and year the bride and groom were born, the fortune-teller decides whether the two are compatible or not.
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Online Lunar Calendar

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There are many people who believe that a lunar calendar is very useful and accurate. Such a calendar is based on various cycles that can be seen when watching the moon, but even though a lot of research has been made, there are still many things unknown about it. This type of calendar has only 354 days, this meaning two weeks less than the solar calendar that we use today. The first day of this calendar changes from year to year and many people are convinced that it has a huge influence on our life and dreams. This calendar is available on the Internet  for many countries, so people all around the world have access to it. Nonetheless, it seems that the moon has a huge impact on our daily activities and mood. To see if things are this way indeed, a good idea is to keep records  of the types of activity that take place in your life  throughout this period and see what happens.

You may also find several high and low points in a certain lunar month, meaning that there is a consistent ebb and flow in your life. Plus, you have the opportunity to determine your lunar rhythm, which can offer you an incredible insight in planning your schedule, so you will know what to do during low points to avoid problems. Your best times should also be noted, so this way, you won’t forget them and will have the opportunity to make the best of them, which is very helpful and you will be very successful.

You can study a lunar calendar of this year and try to make the most of your positive influences. In addition, you can also keep a journal to see the effects in your personal and professional life. A lunar calendar will help you when you have to decide, but you are very confused and are not sure what is the best thing for you. This type of calendar can also be used for a lot of other things, such as understanding your emotions and behaviour. Suddenly, a lot of things will be clear and you will have the amazing chance to know yourself better. Click a few times and you will discover a lot of interesting things about you and about the Universe.

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Facts About The Influences Of The Lunar Calendar Over Dreams

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Many people believe that the lunar calendar can have a certain degree of influence over the way in which night dreams are constructed. There are many aspects in life which have been proven by studies to be under the influence of the changing moon phases. The most important stages in the visibility rotations of the moon have been placed in certain situations in a repetitive way, through which they seemed to have a strong connection. Therefore, the evolution of the night dreams in some people have been placed under the influence of the moon changing the way in which it appears night after night. This does not necessarily mean that the situations of the dreams are the same, but that they have many similarities which can be recreated or avoided, depending on the way in which the dreamer feels about them, at the apparition of the same moon phase in the following circles.

There are many theories which try to explain why the moon phases affect the night sleep of all people. Some of them may be more scientific, while other seem like simple common sense. Regardless, the point is that these have shown that the moon phases affect our sleep and what we dream about each night. One of the simpler theories is that the brighter light of the moon during full phases disturbs your sleep. However, this something that can be easily solved with window covers. Thinking about the fact that the moon makes too much light is a generated theory from the previous one, which is actually simply induced by the person trying to fall asleep.

One of the theories that seems more scientific about the influence of the lunar calendar on dreams is that the phases affect the Earth’s magnetic field. During the periods of full moon, the magnetic field is changed severely, which results in an influence over the human glands. Therefore, these liberate a larger amount of substances and hormones, making it seem like the dreams we have are more intense, more violent and more dynamic. These are, however, only theories on the effects of the lunar calendar on dreams, as many of them counteract each other, although they all seem to be right. If you want to get into the matter more, you could analyze your dreams according to the phases of the moon and see what results come up from the experiment.

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Lunar Calendar Latest Event

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In the latest events connected to the lunar calendar, many people got to see amazing beauty in the night sky. From the beginning of the month of May this year, the moon has shown a stronger range of approach to the surface of the Earth, while it was preparing to enter in its full phase. The complete stages of the full moon, as seen on the lunar calendar, have been visible from Friday, May 4th, until Monday, May 7th. This period was filled with people checking the online lunar calendar and weather websites in order to establish the best places for going out to admire the splendid moon. In addition to these aspects, it was said that the visibility of the moon will be increased by the fact that it is positioned a lot closer to the surface of the Earth. For many people watching the evolutions of the lunar calendar, this was the perfect opportunity for them to admire a night sky show. The evolutions presented on the lunar calendar have also shown that the full moon period is longer and more intense than usual.

As opposed to the researches and to the scientific opinions expressed by the specialists in connection to the lunar calendar and to the phase of the moon at the given moment, other people chose to focus on the opportunity presented through the lunar calendar. Therefore, the most romantic men, for example, have followed the lunar calendar in order to find this perfect phase of the moon around which to create a perfect night for the women they love. Many outdoor areas with great visibility were filled by couples looking to have very romantic moments under the clear night sky and in the strong light of the full moon. Therefore, the lunar calendar has proved to be very successful for a variety of reasons and for highly different types of individuals looking for their very own interest in the matter. The new full phase of the moon and other moments in which you can use your romantic side can be uncovered with the help of the lunar calendar online.

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Main Features of the Lunar Calendar

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There are many types of calendars, according to different cultures of the world. One of the most ancient calendars is the lunar calendar, that has been taken in by the Muslims. A feature of the Muslim lunar calendar is that a year has always got 12 months. Nevertheless, the months are not linked with the seasons and the drift each solar year by 11 to 12 days.

The Muslim lunar calendar comes back to the position it had in relation to the solar year approximately every 33 Islamic years. In general, lunar calendars differ as to which day is the first day of the lunar month. Even the Chinese have a lunar calendar. An interesting aspect of the Chinese lunar calendar is that the first day of a month is the day when an astronomical new moon occurs in a particular time zone. For the Hindu lunar calendar, each month begins on the day after the full or the new moon. For the Jewish people, the lunar calendar is based on the first sighting of a lunar crescent. In many parts of the world, such as China, Japan, Vietnam and India, the lunar calendar serves to determine their traditional holidays, such as the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The lunar calendar used by so many civilisations have a variable number of months in a year. The reason for this variation is that a year is not evenly divisible by an exact number of lunations. The seasons would drift each year, without the intercalary months. As a consequence, every two or three years, this process results in a thirteen-month year.

The length of a month orbit/cycle is difficult to predict and varies from its average value. People who make observations regarding the lunar calendar are sometimes subject to uncertainty and weather conditions. The astronomical methods are highly complex and astronomers have tried to create fixed arithmetical rules.Some of the lunar calendars are made according to natural events affected by the lunar and the solar cycles.

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Things To Know About The Lunar Calendar

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The first lunar calendar dates back to the time of the Babylonia civilization. These were the first people who actually used and created the lunar calendar. Of course, the first lunar calendar was different from the one that we know today. It was established depending on the phases of the moon, while an extra month was added to the calendar at every four years to make up for the difference determined by the solar system’s rotation and to establish the year’s seasons. 

Egyptians, Greeks, but also Semitic people used the lunar calendar. They found inspiration to create their own lunar calendars from the one designed by the Sumerians. However, the first people to create a full calendar that was organized in 365 days were the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptian calendar was not created easily, but long term studies on the stars have helped Egyptian astrologist determine the year’s duration and the seasons, according to the solar system. Then, the Egyptian lunar calendar was created and organized in 12 months and 354 days, which included three seasons. 

Egyptians studied for years the solar system and they based their lunar calendar on the cycle of the moon. Then, they found that the solar year lasts 365 days. This is part of the history of the first lunar calendar, but throughout the years numerous beliefs have been linked to the lunar calendar. For instance, it was considered that the lunar calendar can influence people’s mood, actually having a very high influence on all individuals. The phases of the moon can have effects on mood and habits, but not only. Your whole body can feel these differences and changes. Since the lunar calendar is created depending on the phases of the moon, there is no wonder that people believe it can influence our lives. Some people actually lead their lives depending on these beliefs and traditions linked to the influences of the lunar calendar. No matter if they take into consideration the phases of the moon when they think about making changes in their lives or they actually consider it when setting important events, the lunar calendar has always been an influential factor in the lives of many.

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The Lunar Calendar Can Influence Your Moods And Your Body

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Believe it or not, your moods do not depend only on you. Outside influences are numerous and among them, the cycles of the moon. The lunar calendar is different of the classic calendar and has cycles representing the phases of the moon. So, the lunar calendar can have a great influence on your moods and on the functions of your body, too. The seemingly deviant behavior is somehow related to the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar has a strong connection with the light level. As all people are influenced by this, it totally makes sense. When there is not enough light, people tend to fall into depression and anguish. Opposed to this, a great light enlightens, literally, the mood of everyone. So, the influences of the lunar calendar are real and not old wives tale as many tend to categorize this or consider them coincidences.

The lunar calendar is also apparently in a strong connection with fertility. The menstrual cycle has a 28 days period, on average. This is why lunar rhythm has such a high influence on women. Also involving blood loss, many patients follow the unwritten rules of the lunar calendar and refuse to get surgery when is a full moon. Apparently, the risk of blood loss, followed by the death of the patient, is higher in this period of the lunar calendar. Scientists have yet to prove if this is true. Until now, doctors have not been influenced by the lunar calendar, as most surgeons have to operate daily.

Although the lunar calendar is important for many people, there is also a large part who does not take any of these into consideration. Of course, everyone is free to believe in whatever he or she wants. If you have noticed changes in your mood or body, you should pay attention on the period in which these happen, as this way, you will now how to handle it. Even if, apparently, you cannot be influenced of the phases of the moon, the connection of this event with the dimming of light could have an important effect on you. After all, you know your body best.

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